Officers and Committees 

Sokol Spirit Executive Board 2016-17


President: Howie Maskill
1st Vice President: Cassie Croft
2nd Vice President: Lauren Wilt
Treasurer: Jenn Braun
Secretary: Kathy Barcal
Financial Secretary Dorothy Becker
Membership Director Dorothy Becker
Educational Director: Vera Wilt
PR/Marketing Director: VACANT
Information Technology Director: Bob Barcal
By-Laws Director: Adam Wilt
Comptroller: Carol Shrofe
Physical Director: Adam Wilt
Building Management Director: Mark Shrofe


Building Management Committee


Chairman: Mark Shrofe
Secretary Dorothy Becker

2016 – 2018 Term: Josh Suvetor, Mark Shrofe, Adam Wilt
2017 – 2019 Term: Bob Barcal, Dorothy Becker, Jim Hedderman, CJ Rocush
At Large Members: Bernie Babka, Elmer Kulousek, John Tooke, Howie Maskill (Ex-Officio)



Board of Instructors


Physical Director: Adam Wilt
Assistant Director & Youth Ambassador Jenn Baran
Central District BOI Representative: Ellie Babka
Secretary: Dorothy Becker

Junior Board of Instructors





Standing Committees


Budget/Finance Committee:

Bernie Babka, Jenn Braun, Mark Shrofe, Meribeth Tooke & Howie Maskill (ex officio)

Audit Committee:

Diana Rhodes, Mary Novak & Ashley Croft

Falcon Key Club: Lauren Wilt
Flag Monitor: Kathy Barcal
Newsletter: Kathe Pajer Heetel
Exhibition Ad Book Chair: Barb Bossany
Sunshine Chair: Blanche Wostratsky



Delegates to Affiliate Organizations


Bohemian National Cemetery
Angie Bultas, John & Meribeth Tooke


Central District of the American Sokol 
Bernie & Ellie Babka, Agnes Pajer, Adam & Lauren Wilt


Brookfield Chamber of Commerce
Bob & Kathy Barcal   (Alternate: Vera Wilt)


Czech American Congress
Barb Bossany and Vera Wilt


Tabor Hills Nursing Home
Angie Bultas

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events



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World Beer Club - Feature:  Summer Beers


September 7 @ 7-9 p.m.

Registration Night!


September 9 @ 3-10 p.m.




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