Sokol Spirit’s 3rd Friday of the Month CZECH FILM SERIES

(English subtitles)


Screenings Begin in the Czech Classroom at 7pm

$5 donation includes free first pilsner, pop or soda






Change of Program for the Friday Czech Film on June 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM

The previously announced presentation of Black Peter has unfortunately been pre-empted.

Instead, Sokol Spirit invites you to come see:


Želary, 2003 – Drama, Romance, War. Director: Ondrej Trojan Writers: Kveta Legatova,Petr Jarchovsky, Stars: Anna Geislerova, Gyorgy Czerhalmi, Ivan Trojan

A nurse and her surgeon-lover are part of a resistance movement in 1940s Czechoslovakia. When they are discovered, her lover flees and she must find a place to hide. A patient whose life she saved, a man from a remote mountain village where time stopped 150 years ago, agrees to hide her as his wife.

Czech Language with English subtitles

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film


SEPTEMBER 20 AUTUMN SPRING/Babí léto: 2001; PG-13 for language; 95 minutes; Subtitles; Bittersweet Comedy in the Czech tradition; Fanda, an old man who refuses to grow up.  Despite pleas from his exasperated wife Emilie and son who want him to make some serious decisions about the future, he ignores their nagging and spends the days seeking amusement and adventure.  Aided by his pal and former theatre colleague.  Fanda keeps his acting skills sharpened by pretending to be a host of fascinating characters.


OCTOBER 18 FAUST: 1994; PG-Occult; 97 Minutes; In English; equally astounding version of the myth of Dr. Faustus, merging live action with stop-motion and claymation and animation. Svankmajer has created an unsettling universe presided over by diabolic life-size marionettes and haunted by skulking human messengers from hell. Svankmajer’s Faust (movingly incarnated by one of the Czech Republic’s finest actors, Petr Cepek) is an ordinary, inquisitive everyman, who, upon exiting a Prague subway station, is handed a map that draws him to his doom……perfect for Halloween viewing!


NOVEMBER 15 ICE MOTHER/Bába z ledu: 2018; PG-13 Nudity; 106 Minutes; Subtitles; Is it possible to break out of one’s routine and head in a new direction later in life? Sixty-year-old Hana is unexpectedly given the impulse to do just that when she meets contemporary Broňa, who encourages her to take up physical conditioning. This puts the wind-up Hana’s grown-up sons, who have been brazenly abusing her generosity. The prospect of a new romance with a hardy nonconformist, who arrives at a family lunch with a hen friend called Adele, finally goads Hana into changing the established order



JANUARY 17 THE TEACHER/Učitelka:  2017; PG-13 Short frontal nudity; 103 Minutes; Subtitles; Drama; Czechoslovakia, 1983. Middle school teacher Comrade Dradechova greets her new students by asking each to announce what his or her parents do for a living.  Soon, it becomes apparent that her pupils’ grades are tied to how helpful their families can be with favors, both big and small.  While this does not sit well with many parents, others are willing to play along because Ms. Drazdechova is also a high-ranking official of the Communist Party. 


FEBRUARY 21 WILD FLOWERS/Kytice: 2000; PG-13 Dark & Violent; 81 Minutes; Subtitles; A Film Story playing from spring to winter and covering 80 years of human life. Seven dramatic human life stories that may play anywhere and in any century. They tell the everlasting story of passion, love desire, obsession and selflessness. The whole story, the Ballads were written by Czech poet Karel Jaromír Erben a century ago and yet they are still here and alive. Therefore, the authors of the movie decided to choose seven of the ballads and make them a film poetry of a very new style. It is a composition of photography, music and fascinating landscape and architecture.


MARCH 20 FAMILY FRIEND (A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY)…one of a triology/Rodinný Přítel

2017; PG-newsreels show violence; 130 Minutes; Subtitles; Drama; The first part of the trilogy Garden Store, is a melodrama set in the 1940‘s, during the German occupation. Three young women and two children await the return of their imprisoned husbands and fathers. In those difficult times, a family friend and doctor Jiří is selflessly helping the family community, forced by war to live together. Gradually feelings grow between him and one of the women. The film is a story of love that could not be fulfilled. The filmmaking team of Czech director Jan Hřebejk and writer Petr Jarchovský, two of the most prominent figures in the local film industry, are best known for two films made at the turn of the century: 1999’s nostalgic communist-era Pelíšky (Cozy Dens) and Musíme si pomáhat (Divided We Fall) which was nominated for an Oscar.


APRIL 17 DIAMONDS OF THE NIGHT/Démanty noci: 1964/2019; black/white; 67 Minutes; PG-Subject; Subtitles; W.W. II drama; Additionally, in 1993, a short documentary by Arnost Lustig analyses director, Jan Nemec’s decisions on content, shots, etc. and five main influences from other films he may have seen when a student at the FAMU School in Prague. With this simultaneously harrowing and lyrical debut feature, Jan Nemec established himself as the most uncompromising visionary among the radical filmmakers who made up the Czechoslovak New Wave.  Adapted from a novel by Arnost Lustig, closely tracks two boys who escape from a concentration camp transport and flee into the surrounding woods, a hostile terrain where the brute realities of survival coexist with dreams, memories, and fragments of visual poetry.


MAY 15 KOLIA/KOLYA: 1996; PG-13 because of adult situations and brief nudity; 105 Minutes with Behind-the-Scenes Featurette (20 Minutes); Subtitles; Drama; Winner of the 1996 Academy Award and Golden Globe as Best Foreign Language film, this irresistible comedy treat was embraced by critics and audience everywhere! A confirmed bachelor is in for the surprise of his life when a get-rich-quick scheme backfires…setting off a wild set of circumstances—and leaving him with a pint-sized new roommate!  Now, with a mischievous five-year-old named Kolya suddenly in his care…life in this once carefree playboy’s tiny apartment changes faster than he could ever imagine! Uplifting and endlessly funny. 


Sokol Spirit’s Education Committee reserves the right to change movies due to circumstances beyond their control.


RELAX after the FILM at the WORLD BEER CLUB in our newly renovated lower level bar…..starting at 8PM for a donation of $10/per person…6 glasses of 6oz. of different themed beer monthly with bar snacks!     OKTOBERFEST on September 14, 3PM to 10 Food, Beer, FUN, Music, Bounce House and more….!




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