Sokol Spirit’s 3rd Friday - CZECH FILM SERIES

(English subtitles)


Screenings Begin in the Czech Classroom at 7pm

$5 donation includes free first pilsner, pop or soda



English Subtitles) on a different week..the 3rd Friday of the Month to coincide with the Sokol Spirit World Beer Club which starts at the end of the film!  The Czech films start at 7pm in our Czech classroom upstairs and with donation of $5 you get a free pilsner, pop, or water.                                             1.1.2021 V4                                   


(Note with November 2020 & January 2021 cancelled the schedule is as follows)

February 19 THE SUITOR/Nápadník from the Garden Store trilogy (Zahradnictvi) 2017; 113 Minutes; PG-Adult themes; Subtitles; Drama. On its own, Suitor is a sweetly charming little feature that quite nicely captures the lives and attitudes of the common people in full-throttle communist Czechoslovakia in the late 1950s. Without the external drama of the first two films, however - the horrors of WWII and its aftermath, followed by the tensions surrounding the communist coup, which drove apart the central family (Scheduled for November, it is the wind up of series of three started in September and October).

March 16 TALKS WITH T.G.M./Hovory S TGM 2018; 80 minutes; G; Subtitles; Drama; Czech historical film by Jakub Červenka. It premiered 100 years after foundation of Czechoslovakia (starting with lectures at the U. of Chicago in 1918). It is based on a book by Karel Čapek of the same name. It focuses on the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and writer Karel Čapek and their dialogue in 1928 at Topolcianky hunting lodge and gardens-summer residence of T.G.M. from 1923-33. Filmed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Be transported into Spring as all shots are in the garden!

April 16 DIAMONDS OF THE NIGHT/Demanty noci 1964/2019; black/white; 67 Minutes; PG-Subject; Subtitles; W.W. II drama; Additionally, in 1993, a short documentary by Arnost Lustig analyses director, Jan Nemec’s decisions on content, shots, etc. and five main influences from other films he may have seen when a student at the FAMU School in Prague. With this simultaneously harrowing and lyrical debut feature, Jan Nemec established himself as the most uncompromising visionary among the radical filmmakers who made up the Czechoslovak New Wave.  Adapted from a novel by Arnost Lustig, closely tracks two boys who escape from a concentration camp transport and flee into the surrounding woods, a hostile terrain where the brute realities of survival coexist with dreams, memories, and fragments of visual poetry.

MAY 21 KOLIA/Kolya 1996; 105 Minutes with Behind-the-Scenes Featurette (20 Minutes): PG-13 because of adult situations and brief nudity; Subtitles; Drama; Winner of the 1996 Academy Award and Golden Globe as Best Foreign Language film, this irresistible comedy treat was embraced by critics and audience everywhere! A confirmed bachelor is in for the surprise of his life when a get-rich-quick scheme backfires…setting off a wild set of circumstances—and leaving him with a pint-sized new roommate!  Now, with a mischievous five-year-old named Kolya suddenly in his care…life in this once carefree playboy’s tiny apartment changes faster than he could ever imagine! Uplifting and endlessly funny.  

Sokol Spirit’s Education Committee reserves the right to change movies due to circumstances beyond their control. RELAX after the FILM at the WORLD BEER CLUB starting at 8PM themed beer and snacks with donation! 




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